Krüss offers a complete range of instrumentation for the laboratory and for scientific education. The range includes:


Krüss offers Digital Refractometers, Digital Abbe Refractometers, Process Refractometers, a wide range of Digital Handheld Refractometers and the HR series Manual Handheld Refractometers.


Five Polarimeter models include the digital automatic P8000 high-speed series, which is fast, with high accuracy and resolution, reducing measuring time to 1 second, irrespective of the angle of the sample.

Density Meters

Our density meters of the DS7000 series are used for measuring the density, the relative density and the concentration of aqueous solutions of any kind. They work according to the oscillating U-tube principle, require only a small sample volume, ensure an efficient sample temperature control and allow for the use of any scale and any method as well as a convenient data transfer. For an automated measurement mode, we offer the appropriate accessories such as a peristaltic pump and various autosamplers.

Gas Analysers

Quality assurance and ever increasing consumer requirements make it necessary to control modified atmosphere packaging on a regular basis. That is where our gas analysers of the MAT1000 series are used – the optimal solution for the quality inspection in the lab as well as at the production line if sensitive or perishable products are filled or packaged.

Flame Photometers

The precise, cost-effective Krüss FP8800 is ideal for concentrated alkaline elements, in aqueous solutions, and handles up to three elements simultaneously at a rate of around 300 samples per hour.

Melting Point Meters

Three models are available for analysing the melting point of powdery substances, including the automatic, easy to use M5000 which gives fast measurement across all ranges up to 400C.


Krüss offers a vast range of microscopes for medical and biological examinations and stereo microscopes for laboratories, industry and education – ranging from low-cost compact models to professional expandable devices.


KrüssLab software offers you ideal administration of your Kruess instruments: refractometers, polarimeters and density meters can now be comfortably remote-controlled.


The PT31 model Peltier Thermostat, a flexible, compact and powerful unit used to control the temperature of refractometers, polarimeters, and other similar laboratory devices.


Two models of Laboratory Spectroscopes are ideal for applications within schools and universities; the 1701 has a moveable observation tube and ocular. The handheld 1501 and 1504 will meet most laboratory applications.


The model 1836 Spectrometer-Goniometer, for the exact measurement of optical data on prisms, can also be used as a spectroscope, for qualitative examination of emission and absorption spectra.

Cold Light Sources

Krüss offers three models in its KL series of fibre optic light sources, including the powerful KL5125 which offers adjustable intensity at a colour temperature of 5500K from a 150W halogen bulb.

UV- and Analysis Lamps

Five models of UV and Analysis Lamps can be used to determine the luminescence of UV radiation and can be used for testing fluorescent banknotes, debit/credit cards and passports.